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What Activity is The Best for Your Child?

You have probably heard more than once that swimming is one of the best sports for children. This is true because it works all muscle groups, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are strengthened, and metabolism is accelerated. Swimming develops endurance, coordination, reaction time, and strengthens posture. On top of all that, due to the difference in air and water temperatures, the child becomes mentally stronger with a strengthened immune system (fewer colds and other mild illnesses).

Need more facts about swimming for your child? We have them!

  1. Regular training in the pool increases lung volume and capacity. Swimming also teaches you how to breathe correctly - with a deep breath and a long exhale. As a result, the muscles of the diaphragm are strengthened, and this helps the child achieve success in other sporting activities: dancing, running, gymnastics.
  2. Swimming improves the sense of balance, stability, and the ability to perform a variety of movements. Simply put, swimming develops flexibility and dexterity.
  3. Swimming is beneficial on a child’s nervous system. They sleep better, become calmer and more emotionally stable.

If you are still in doubt of your child needing swim training – here is one final argument: swimming is a low impact, nontraumatic sport. You will not find your child with any of the shocks, fractures, sprains, and dislocations characteristic of other sports.

We encourage you to try a swim class! Your child will learn to swim, strengthen his health, and receive a lot of encouragement and support. We are waiting for you!